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Cajun Stained Bass


Carol With Her Cajun Stained Glass Night Photo From Festival International



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Artists Help Make Festival International Successful

On Thursday night, we concentrated our efforts to the stages and the food booths, but on Friday, within the first 15 minutes of arriving, we went to the art vendor area.  It was apparent that Louisiana, and, in particular, Acadiana has more than a pirogue-full of artists!  Cajun Clay, Jerilynís Glass, SilverSister Art, Alexis Braud, from Cutoff to Alexandria, from Lake Charles to New Orleans, there was beautiful Louisiana artwork galore!

Shannon, in searching for a Motherís Day gift, came across the Cocodrie booth, featuring  Cajun Stained Glass, and saw the egret painting.  ĎCajun Stained Glassí is actually cypress-framed window screens, painted with Louisiana wildlife, the brainchild of Carol Thibodeaux.  (She came up with the idea after a Mardi Gras trip to Mamou, where she saw the revellersí masks made of screen).  Shannonís mom finds the egrets to be one of the most peaceful images on the Cajun landscape, so it was a no-brainer:  the perfect Motherís Day gift!



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